The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

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The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

What's Your Face Type?

Oval Face

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If you have an oval face shape consider yourself extremely lucky because you can wear any frame style and it will look great on you. The oval face shape is longer than it is wide, gently rounded and fairly even features. People with oval faces have the most versatility as any frame style will work for them.

Recommended Styles: All


Square Face

There is a general rule that whatever your face shape, you should ideally wear the opposite frame style. This creates balance and makes it simple to quickly make eyewear decisions.

Recommended Styles: Round Frames, Aviators, Browline Clubmaster (w/ round frames)


Round Face

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Keeping to the general rule, people with round faces work best with square frames. The idea here is to make your cheeks appear slimmer, elongate your temples, and lengthen your face.

Recommended Styles: Square Frames, Wayfarers, Browline Clubmaster (w/ square frames)


Rectangular/Oblong Face

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Glasses that add width to the long shape of this rectangular face type will work best. You have the option of round or square frames, but should lean towards larger, even slightly oversized styles.

Wayfarers are a good option, since many makers offer small and large versions, allowing you to go slightly bigger while maintaining the classic style.

Recommended Styles: Slightly Oversized - Wayfarers, D-Frames, Browline Clubmaster


Triangle/Heart Face

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Probably the most difficult face shape to find glasses that can compliment heart faces. Due to having a narrow chin and a wider forehead, you must counter-balance these features by making sure you DO NOT add extra weight to the top half of your face. It's a bit difficult since that is exactly where sunglasses will sit. It's in your best interest to opt for Browline fames, which are slightly rimmed, or other round styles that add some curved balance to your pointed chin.

Recommended Styles: Rimless Frames, Round Frames, Aviators, Browline Clubmaster


Above are our brief suggestions with the most common face types, but there are exceptions to the rule and some people fall outside of the common ones.

Below 👇👇 is an easy visual guide that can help you pinpoint your face type to the appropriate sunglasses. Notice that most face types have quite a few options. That means every man should own a few different styles and variations. You always want versatility in your ongoing wardrobe collection.

Remember, you are building the core staples to an everlasting wardrobe. Always have 1 of each style that works for you, then get variations on ones that you look amazing in!

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Leave us comments below if you have any further questions or need additional styling advice.

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