Top 3 Best Summer Fabrics To Stay Cool

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Top 3 Best Summer Fabrics To Stay Cool

We all love the summer time with beautiful sights and bright colors. Warm weather is awesome, except when it's scorching, humid, and just plain unbearable! We all find ourselves dreading the heat, so we hesitate to seek adventure. We know, the allure of the cool AC air can sometimes be much more inviting than the scorching sweaty heat.

We created this summer fabric guide so you won't be stuck indoors with the AC blasting. We want you to step out and enjoy this beautiful season with many beautiful sights! To beat the summer heat it is extremely important to choose the right fabrics.

The struggle is all too real so we have for you the Top 3 Best Summer Fabrics To Stay Cool:

1. Cotton


The most common natural fiber that's widely available; it's the easiest to find since majority of clothes are made of cotton.

Benefit - Allows air to circulate & move freely through the fabric makes it "breathable" which makes heat more bearable and wicks away sweat.

Tip - Choose 100% cotton and stay away from synthetic blends such as polyester. Synthetics generally have plastic man-made fibers, which actually retain heat, so stay far away.

2. Chambray


This fabric is unique because it actually looks like denim, but way more breathable, light, and moisture wicking. Perfect for denim looks without the heavy hot denim feel. It technically derives from cotton, so it keeps the same "breathable" quality to keep you cool in heat & humidity.

Benefit - Denim looking, but a lot lighter in weight. It commonly has a higher thread count translating to a finer weave which makes it even more "airy" or "breathable" than even cotton.

Tip - Great for those summer nights when you want to look super casual, but want to stay sweat-free and cool. The denim look gives you versatility when you want to put together a more rugged looking outfit without the heaviness of denim.

3. Linen


The most light weight, breathable, and moisture wicking of all fabrics. It was designed for unbearable heat and humidity!

Benefit - All natural fiber and the light weave allow for maximum breathability. It's the number one fabric choice for centuries with good reason. When you wear linen it feels like you're not wearing anything at all; that's how light it is! It's a true summer fabric.

Tip - Linen tends to get wrinkled easily, but that is completely normal and is part of it's charm. Wrinkles actually give linen its unique iconic style and is easily recognizable to the fashionably trained eye. True fashionistas will admire and appreciate the interesting texture and weave that gives linen its wrinkled characteristic.

Great for those who hate to iron because you really don't need to as it's meant to wrinkle throughout the day. Just make sure it's at least freshly pressed and let the wrinkles happen naturally when worn, NOT because you crumpled it up and threw it in the back of your drawer. 😉

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