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Ask and You Shall Receive

Honestly, we couldn't believe the countless requests (some we're demands lol) from our customers to continue our featured sunglasses this month. You guys literally flooded our inbox demanding our 60% Off featured sunglasses sale to continue through June.

Many of you voiced to us that you really regret missing out on our sold out sunglass styles and colors that you really wanted due to high demand. To be fair, we did warn you that supplies are limited, especially at that steep of a discount. That is why you should pay more attention to our monthly feature.😉

Ask and you shall receive...

We are actually very grateful that so many of you guys took the time to voice your opinions and demand something you wanted. We really loved just how nice you guys were about it too; some of you gave us whole life stories. We appreciate it very much and Thank you. That is not only humbling to us, but says a lot about the type of customers we have. That is truly an alpha male quality -- not being afraid to demand, but doing so in absolute conviction and respectfulness.

Well, in the same humbling reciprocation, we decided to let our 60% Off sunglasses sale last through June. We have restocked everything again, so please be sure to get the ones you wanted this time. Last chance at this price!

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