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Introducing Monthly Featured Collections

Hey MenKind -- Our team has decided to feature a special collection every month. Each month we will hand-pick and highlight a specific collection that will be deeply discounted for our customers. The monthly featured collection would be one that we feel is the most trendy, popular, or appropriately seasonal during a given month; sometimes it's simply just a collection we really like. This gives every customer a chance to get their hands on some of our best products at a fraction of the price.

Collections that are featured monthly will have discounts from 30% to 65% off! If you're on a tight budget, but have had your sights on a particular product, then you might be in luck. That product may very well be in the current monthly featured collection at a deep discount.😉

We hope this encourages you to visit our store more frequently since we provide new products and sale promotions regularly.

This month's featured collection are sunglasses, which are discounted at a whopping 60% off! Be sure to snag a pair (or a few) before the month ends. Supplies will be very limited at these outrageous prices.

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