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July Featured Collection - Bracelets 50% OFF

For the month of July we decided to feature bracelets as our special monthly collection. We realized that this is the perfect season to show off a little bit of our own style persona by wearing a small fashion statement. It's small enough to be subtle, but makes a big visual impact if worn properly!

Think about it like this, when is a better time to strut your fashionable self around than when you are among friends and family? Fashion is about exposure and getting noticed right? Of course it is, because you will always want an audience. We all secretly want to be noticed and commended, especially when it's about our fashion/style. Just remember to do it in a subtle way and don't be too obvious; it's the small details that count!

Positive fashion reputation and social awareness is the key to being an alpha modern man. Let's continue onward to your style journey and add a few bracelets to your wardrobe staples!

This special 50% OFF featured bracelets will only run through the month of July, so take advantage now before everything is sold out. We will not be restocking our monthly feature like we did last month. That was a only one time favor we did for our beloved customers.

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